What Does “In a Nutshell” mean?

What Does “In a Nutshell” mean?
What Does “In a Nutshell” mean?

Have you ever heard of term, “In a Nutshell” before?

You might hear it said at the end of a sentence.

It’s an English idiom that refers to a short description of any kind.

A story that is so short it could be physically crammed into a nut shell.

However, thanks to Dictionary we can learn that the origin of the idiom has taken thousands of years to come into use.

Where Did “In a Nutshell” Come From?

Pliny the Elder, an ancient Roman encyclopaedist, stated that a copy of Homer’s The Iliad existed that was small enough to fit inside a walnut shell.

In the early 1700s, almost 2000 years later, the Bishop of Avranches tested Pliny’s theory by writing out the epic poem in tiny handwriting on a walnut-sized piece of paper.

And, sure enough it fitted in!

How to use “In a Nutshell”

Jake sat back in his chair and said, “And, that’s what happened in a nutshell.”

“In a nutshell, I will tell you about the accident quickly!”

Karen summed the whole day’s events in a nutshell.


What Does “In a Nutshell” mean?
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