Tips for editing & proofreading your essays
Tips for editing & proofreading your essays

Editing and Proofreading Services

Easy, Cost Effective and Guaranteed!

Learning to write in English is extremely difficult.

Much more difficult than speaking or reading it.

As a language, English has a lot of different rules which can make writing well hard for anyone who wasn’t born in an English speaking country.

There are also a huge variety of spelling and grammar rules, as well as, different rules for UK and US English.

We offer an inexpensive editing and proofreading service for all types of writing.

You may wish to write an important letter or you may need help making sure your resume is perfect so you get that job. If so, let us help you.

An Example

Editing & Proofreading Your Essays
An Example of our Editing & Proofreading Process


As you can see from this small example, a lot of effort goes into correcting each error whether they are spelling, punctuation or grammar.

Documents are then returned to you so.

This process doesn’t just correct the mistakes, but shows you how to write better so you learn and apply them to your future pieces of writing. This will not only make you much better at writing English, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Tips for editing & proofreading your essays
Tips for editing & proofreading your essays

Our Editing and Proofreading Staff

Remember: our editors are not just people who are good at English. They are trained teachers and educators with years’ of experience in teaching ESL students.

They understand what it means to struggle with written English, and they know how to shape and craft a written piece beautifully.

We always do a great job for you, and this takes time.

It may take at least 48 hours on business days (longer on weekends) for us to prepare a thorough response to your submission.

As they say, “If it is worth doing, do it right!”

Editing & Proofreading Fees:

100 – 500 words = $27

500 to 1,500 words = $67

1501 – 3,000 words = $127

Please note: All prices are costed in US dollars, and payment is required before work is started.

After payment you will be directed back to this special page to submit your work.

If you have a longer piece you need editing please let us know – Contact Us


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