10 Ways to Learn English

Have you ever thought that you will never work out how to learn English well enough?

Let’s face it, writing English is much more difficult than speaking or reading it for most people.

Below are 10 ways which will help you learn English quicker, and more thoroughly.

1. Have a conversation

The only way to get better at speaking a language is to talk to people who also speak it, preferably people who grew up speaking English.

If you don’t have many people around you who speak English, why not start an English-speaking club with friends. You could watch movie together or grab a coffee and practice talking about what you can see out of the window in English.

Do you know someone who can speak English well? Why not get a few friends together, buy that person lunch and ask them to help you all learn?

10 Ways to Learn English
Read to Learn English Better

2. Read

You should always practice doing what you’re trying to learn. If you don’t have access to a lot of books or you find them overwhelming, read blogs like this one online.

Most blog posts are short – 250 to 500 words – they are easy to understand and don’t take a long time commitment.

3. Write

Writing a journal or diary is one thing, but you need someone to help you get it right.

Get someone to correct your speaking and your writing. This could be a teacher or even a mentor.

10 Ways to Learn English
Write to Learn English

4. Concentrate on where you need help most

If you need help pronouncing words or writing get it. If you are good at speaking English then you probably don’t need to spend that much time doing it.

Instead, focus on what areas you need to really improve in and put your energy into those.

5. Listen to Music

Music is full of rhymes and rhythms which increase the brain’s capacity to remember, and who doesn’t love to sing along with a catchy beat?

Listening to the way words are sung will help you learn how to pronounce and use the language better.

10 Ways to Learn English
Listen and Learn English

6. Watch a movie in English

Watching movies and televisions programs are a great way to stay motivated, and learn English.

You’ll also hear many idioms used, and you’ll also be able to read the speaker’s body language too.

As over 80% of what we say is translated by our body language, learning this is a crucial step towards mastering English.

7. Memorize Passages and Words

Memorizing is a bit old-fashioned, and not used much in today’s classrooms, but it is still a powerful tool to help stretch and train your brain to remember words.

You can memorize a poem, a song or your favorite English quotes.

You could also memorize a new set of words each week.

10 Ways to Learn English
Use Your Computer or Smartphone to Learn English

8. Use a Dictionary

There are a lot of English teachers who think that dictionaries must be poisonous because no one wants to touch them!

Regardless, a dictionary is your best friend, and now there are many apps which can be downloaded on your smart phone.

Using a dictionary will help you learn new words, but also the forms many words take.

It will explain the different functions of language, words and even phrases.

9. Build Your Vocabulary

Learning new words is extremely important. When you are watching English movies or television programs, keep a notepad beside you and jot down any words or phrases you don’t understand.

Create a list of these words and using your dictionary find out what they mean.

Practice using them in your own writing pieces so you become more familiar with them.

10 Ways to Learn English
Be Proud of How Far you Have come when learning English

10. Review and Celebrate How Far You have Come

The only person you can compare yourself to is you.

Review what you have learned on a regular basis.

Go back 6 or 12 months and think about how far you have come.

Then give yourself a pat on the back – you deserve it.

Learning English is difficult, but even getting this far in an article this long proves that you have what it takes to become a great English speaker and writer.


10 Ways to Learn English Well
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