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A phrasal verb is an idiomatic phrase consisting of a verb and another element. This is usually an adverb or a preposition. They are funny little sayings which we use in English all the time. However, they might seem strange and odd to anyone learning our language.

In this post we are going to look at just the word – ‘set’.

If you want a comprehensive list I suggest you visit The English Club – Phrasal Verbs List

Using Set and Get in Phrasal Verbs in the English Language
Using Set and Get in Phrasal Verbs in the English Language (Source – ISL Collective)

Set as a phrasal verb

The word ‘set’ is often used with another word to mean all manner of things.

As you can see from this image there are many ways we can use ‘set’.

These are:

Set up – to establish or begin, “The father set up the goal posts so the children could practice at the park.”

Set aside – to save or put something to one side for use at another time, “The family all set aside their spare coins to give to charity.”

Set back – when something is delayed, “The plans to build a new arts centre was set back after funds were withdrawn.”

Set off – to leave on a trip or journey, “We set off on our walk around the bay after lunch.”

Set in – when there is no chance of the weather changing, “It has rained for so long, I’m afraid the wet weather seems to have set in.”


If you are not sure which phrasal verb to use, check with an online dictionary.

ISL Collective provides a great deal of resources which you can use and share in your classroom, including the image shared here.

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Using Set in Phrasal Verbs in the English Language
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