Astro's Adventures: The Gypsy Curse
Astro’s Adventures: The Gypsy Curse

There’s two things I love writing about.

One are spies and the other are gypsies.

In, Astro’s Adventures, The Gypsy Curse, I put the two together and came up with a fast-moving, children’s book that looks at how important it is to trust your friends.

Unbeknown to our heroes, a spy is in the ranks and is making sure that every dog is caught by the dog-catcher and sent to the pound!

Tinka, the Gypsy Cat, sets a curse on Astro and the gang. She even tricks the cunning evil genius, Speed Bump Charlie.

Tinka is able to predict where the dogs are going to stage their next rescue mission.

She then sends the dog catcher to capture them and he takes them to the Check Out! The one place all dogs fear!

But how does she know? Does she really have special powers or is it some kind of trick?

Tinka from the Gypsy Curse
Tinka from the Gypsy Curse

Will our team realise that there is a spy amongst them?

Will they be able to rescue Dingo and the other dogs from the Check Out before it’s too late?

Will they be able to find the gypsy camp and stop Tinka before all the dogs are captured?!

Spylinks included!

If you love dogs and crazy adventures, then give The Gypsy Curse a read today.










The Gypsy Curse is a lesson about trusting your friends
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