Dogs in Space and a sweet Valentine's Day gift
Dogs in Space

Dogs in Space is the 8th book in the Astro’s Adventures series of books.

It is one of my favourites and, other people must agree with me, because it’s one of the better selling titles.

In it I introduced a kitten named Furball. She becomes an accomplice to Speed Bump Charlie, the most wicked, evil genius in the world (according to him, anyway).

He calls her Furball because he finds her very annoying

I created Furball’s character way back in August of 2014 because the real cat, whose character Speed Bump Charlie is based on, passed away on Valentine’s Day earlier that year.

Even though he was no longer with us, I didn’t want to write Speed Bump Charlie out of the books because he is such a good baddie – he’s mean, vicious, cruel and gets to create some pretty horrible plans to rid the world of dogs.

But I did want to extend his character more, so Furball was created.

Little did I know but one year after Speed Bump Charlie passed away I was lucky enough to adopt a real kitten who looked just like the character in Dogs in Space.

Dogs in Space and a sweet Valentine's Day gift
The real Furball inspecting the book that introduced her to the world


As we approach the first year of this anniversary, I look back over the last 12 months and can see that the real cat is just like the character I invented.

I even called her Furball, ignoring the protests of my family

She’s cheeky, funny, smart and bossy.

She runs to the pantry each morning and waits on the second shelf for a dog biscuit. She often sits behind my canvases as I’m painting, leaving fur all over the surface.

The cheekier she is the more I love her.

She has become a regular character in the Astro’s Adventures books that follow and is living proof, that life does sometimes imitate art.






Dogs in Space and a sweet Valentine’s Day gift
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