Can sharing stories and books change a child’s life?

Child are influenced by more and more things each day. As they grow each day their lives are changed by so many outside influences and forces, many of which we have little control over.

So, can just one book make that much difference and change their life?

Well, probably not one book, but the more children read and engage with books the long-term effects are certainly significant.

How does reading change a child’s life?

There is something special about the way stories affect our beliefs and experiences. It doesn’t even matter how old you are or what books you are reading.

Our brains work differently with every action we do.

Reading a book involves a great many different operations. Now, I’m no expert, but if you consider what goes on when a child is reading it is quite staggering.

Can sharing stories and books change a child’s life?
Sharing stories can change a child’s life

There is something quite unique about the act of reading

Simple words become powerful.

Ordinary sentences seem to be laced with magic and intrigue.

Paragraphs and pages draw us in, and rivet our attention.

These things happen when children do other things, of course, like watching television. However the deep, profound effects of reading seem to last and have a much greater influence over the way we behave.

Can sharing stories and books change a child’s life?
Can books change a child’s life?

What extent do books change lives?

If we stop to consider how stories written by others can impact the way we think, the extent to which books can change our lives is quite wide.

Can you remember how they altered your ideas or even your opinions about your world, and your place in your world?

Sharing books with children at any age is extremely important. Not only are we helping them to read, but we are helping to make a truly significant impact on their lives.

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Can sharing stories and books change a child’s life?
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