Astro’s Indian Odyssey
Astro’s Indian Odyssey

When I began writing Astro’s Indian Odyssey I knew I wanted to showcase the beautiful Indian continent.

As the characters in Astro’s Adventures are dogs, I like them to mix with other animals. I have to admit I was surprised how many interesting and beautiful animals call India home.

I thought I’d look at just three and show you how I introduced them into the story.



Astro’s Indian Odyssey
Crested Serpent Eagle

The Crested Serpent Eagle

In one part of the book, the bad cats – Speed Bump Charlie and his sidekick, Furball – are grabbed by a very large python. I didn’t want anything too bad to happen to them and I needed them for the rest of the story so I needed something to save them.

When I discovered that Indian had a snake eating predatory bird called the Crested Serpent Eagle I was very pleased.

Durga is a Bengal tiger cub and she calls on her eagle friends to help rescue the cats.


Bengal Tiger

If you are going to write about Indian animals it wouldn’t be fair to leave out Bengal tigers. My character is a mascot for the famous Kolkata cricket team.

She is called Durga after a Hindu goddess who rode into battle to fight evil on the back of a tiger. The character in Astro’s Indian Odyssey, is powerful, intelligent and thoughtful (that’s why she got to rescue the bad cats!).

Astro's Indian Odyssey
A tiger cub

Sun Bear

I needed a character who was strong, funny and who I could help the characters. I decided to create one based on the Asian Sun Bear.

I don’t want to spoil the story for you but, Bobo the sun bear, catches a dog falling from a cliff; eats his way through lots of honey hives and; becomes a loyal assistance to an Indian Raja.

Astro’s Indian Odyssey
Sun Bear









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Astro’s Indian Odyssey where Indian animals come to the rescue
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