When art imitates life and dogs go into space
Dogs in Space: That’s Europa in the background.


Susan Day here – children’s author and demonic blogger!

I want to share some interesting news about one on my books, Dogs in Space.

It is also the 1,000 article on this blog – queue streamers, balloons and fireworks! Yeah!

When I read this article I became really excited – NASA – Discovering Alien Life in our Solar System is Possible.

I have an avid interest in space and its exploration so I tend to gravitate towards any news I see about it.

However, as I got deeper into the article I got really, really excited. I even got that tingle you get when you know something special has happened – like when your favourite ice cream is on special, two weeks in a row!

The articles states:

The icy moon (Europa) of Jupiter is thought to be one of the most promising places, within our solar system… We may be able to discover if there are signs of organic or possible life on Europa.

Europe is a moon just off the coast of Jupiter, well, you know what I mean.

Jupiter has a lot of moons and one might conclude that life could have been found on any of them.

When I wrote Dogs in Space, the dogs were sent around the Solar System in search of a moon to replace ours. It had been blown up the wicked genius Speed Bump Charlie.

To make the story more believable I searched the Solar System for a moon that was as close in size as ours.

And Europa was almost a direct match.

Dogs in space life on europa
Tiny aliens attack from Europa.

In my story, the dogs have a device that scans nearby moons until it finds a match. Once it has identified a suitable replacement, all the dogs have to do is put an enormous harness around it and tow it back to Earth (see pic).

However, they don’t bank on their being aliens living on Europa and a confrontation occurs because, as you can imagine, the aliens (who are known as the Tribe of Rucky Peoples of Saccie and are led by Mah-Rucky-Sac – see pic below), aren’t happy about losing their home.

A mild skirmish ensues, but things come to an amicable agreement eventually and the aliens are returned to their home, only now it’s parked just outside Earth and not Jupiter.


So, there you have it, NASA – There is already life on Europa!




Life on Europa Dogs in Space
Mah Rucky Sac talks to Stella


When art imitates life and dogs go into space
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